Endless Rituals


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Endless Rituals

Straight Jacket Life


years ago when I was young, before experience grew
the only ones you'd come to greet were those I never knew
as time goes by, year after year, the closer you become
in fact the very thought of you makes the world go numb
love left unspoken
hearts left unmended
seem much more important
when the time we have... has ended...


Bullhead's I (remix)


Like You (dj Retrofit Remix)


Everybody (Mad As Hell Mix By Djk)


Terribly Frustrated (remix)




Like You (rekombinant Remix)


Empty (Out of Mind Mix By Djk)



don't worry we'll make it
we'll just learn to fake it
frustrated castrated frustrated by love
backdated ill-fated frustrated by love


Like You (Red This Ever Remix)